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Date / 日期: Jan. 10th, 2012   2012年1月10日  13:00 – 17:00
City / 城市: Shanghai 上海
Location / 地点: Regus Silver Centre 上海银座企业中心
Language / 语言: Bilingual 中英双语
Cost/费用: Free Include coffee break 免费 包括茶歇

Workshop for leaders in pharmaceutical manufacturing and suppliers such as packaging, chemicals and ingredients.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to the Pharmaceutical industry face unique challenges that require the automotive industry lean mindset to be adapted. The focus is on reducing batch size, set up time, increasing OEE, and engaging people in a environment where tight hygiene regulation and process certification provide practical challenges to implementing change through lean. Increasingly supply chains for pharmaceuticals are global and highly complex, and opportunities exist to simplify supply chains to reduce cost and working capital.
TXM has significant experience in FMCG and Pharmaceutical. We have enabled customers to increase line outputs by up to 50% and reduce product waste by 75% in environments as diverse as tablet manufacture, fruit juice, paint, firearms ammunition, fresh vegetable process and baking. We have also helped customers design complex global and regional lean supply chains that have reduced lead times and working capital by up to 50%.
Our practical 5S approach and SPED ™ system for Structured Problem Solving also complements the GMP and compliance efforts of our clients and leads to a clean, clear visual workplace producing consistent high quality products.

Workshop Presenter 研习会主持

 Anthony Clyne
  安东尼 克莱茵

TXM Principal Consultant


With a deep understanding of lean principles developed in the Automotive industry, Anthony has gone on to achieve considerable success applying lean in the food,beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Anthony’s lean pharmaceutical food experience covers a huge range of food and pharmaceutical processes including tablet manufacturing, tablet packing,  baking, confectionery, winemaking, fresh vegetable processing, beverage manufacturing, dairy processing, coffee processing and sauce and condiment manufacturing.
Anthony has a practical approach based on a belief that adults “learn by doing” and that this approach leads to lasting results and learning. Anthony has worked with highly respected pharmaceutical and food companies including AstraZeneca, Fresenius Kabi, Wrigley, McDonalds, Cerebos,  Campbells and more.
通过在汽车行业的精益原则的深刻理解,安东尼在食品、饮料和制药行业的精益应用已经达到了相当大的成功。安东尼的精益制药 及食品的经验范围广泛,包括药片制造、药片包装、烘焙、糖果、酿酒、新鲜蔬菜、饮料、乳品、咖啡、酱油和调味品等。

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