Lean Seminar in Tianjin 天津精益研讨会-2011年10月27日

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Topic / 主题:  Manufacturing in China  – Why You Must Change to Survive

                      中国制造 –必须精益转型以适应生存


Tim McLean 提姆 麦考林
Managing Director, TXM 泰谋总监

Date / 日期:27th, October 2011  2011年10月27日

Time / 时间:   16:00PM ~ 18:00PM  / 下午4:00~6:00

Location / 地点:  Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel 天津丽笙世嘉广场酒店

Language/语言: English / 英语

Free of Charge / 免费参加


The post-GFC era has heralded labour shortages, rapid wage increases, industrial disputes and increased costs in energy, land, buildings and almost every line item. Predictions are that the increasing cost trend is continuing. Inside Chinese factories problems abound. Wasted labour and materials, poor (often atrocious) safety and housekeeping, excess work in progress, long and unpredictable lead times and quality systems that rely entirely on end of line inspection rather than built in quality are common. Poor communication and supply chain design also adds to cost, risk and working capital in export supply chains. On current trends, China will become a more expensive to manufacture many products within the next five years.

全球金融危机后的时代已经出现劳动力短缺,工资增长迅速,劳资纠纷,并在能源、土 地、建筑等几乎所有项的成长都在增加。并且可以预期的是,成本增长的趋势将持续下去。中国工厂的内部问题也很多,人工和材料的浪费,比较差的(甚至恶劣 的)安全和环境管理,大量的在制品,漫长的和不可预测的的交货周期,依靠最终检验而不是内建质量的质量体系。不佳的沟通及供应链设计也加了成本、风险和运 营资金。目前的趋势,中国将在未来五年内成为许多产品都是制造成本较高的国家。

However inefficiency provides an opportunity to improve. In this event of Inside China Series, we are pleased to invite Tim McLean, Managing Director of TXM (Total Excellence in Manufacturing), to talk about how the lean enterprise and simple supply chain solutions can reduce cost, reduce working capital and improve quality and customer service for Chinese manufacturers. Tim will also share case studies from Asia and Australia to demonstrate the steps you can take now to ensure that your company stays competitive in to the future and can continue to grow with minimal capital investment.

但效率低下也提供了一个改进的机会。在透视中国系列事件下,我们很高兴邀请到了TXM(泰谋咨 询)总监Tim McLean(蒂姆),来谈谈精益企业和简单的供应链解决方案如何为中国制造商降低成本,减少运营资金,提高产品质量和客户服务。Tim也将分享来自亚洲 和澳洲的案例分析,以阐述你现在可以采取的步骤,以确保你的公司以最小的投资保持持续增长的竞争力。

Tim McLean has had a 25 years career in manufacturing in Asia Pacific, and is now one of Australia’s leading experts on operational and supply chain issues in manufacturing. Tim has held senior operational and General Management roles with Global Companies such as Hoechst AG, Amcor, International Paper, PPG and United Technologies. Throughout his career Tim has also learned and applied the techniques of Lean and Six Sigma and it was this knowledge, combined with his passion for manufacturing.

Tim  McLean(提姆)在亚太地区拥有25年的制造业经验,现在是澳大利亚制造业运营和供应链的顶尖专家。他在多家全球性企业任高管和总经理,公司有 Hoechst AG (赫斯特), Amcor (艾玛克), International Paper ( 国际纸业), PPG (庞贝捷), UTC (联合技术)。在他的职业生涯中,Tim学到并应用了精益和六西格玛,并将这些知识与本人对制造业的激情结合在一起。


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